2021 Wilson A2000 DP15 11.5" Infield Baseball Glove - RIGHT HAND THROW

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The iconic A2000 DP15 is back with the classic Saddle Tan Pro Stock Leather colorway paired with Wilson Yellow logos in a new outlined format. This 11.5" infield pattern features Pedroia Fit, meaning the wrist opening is smaller and the finger stalls are both shorter and not as wide as traditional gloves. A shallow pocket and H-Web make this glove perfect for turning two.

  • 11.75"
  • Infield Model
  • H-Web
  • Shorter Finger Stalls
  • Reduced Heel Pad: For a quicker break-in and better closure.
  • Narrower Wrist Opening
  • Pro-Stock Leather
  • DryLex Wrist Lining: Keeps your hand dry and comfortable on the field and behind the dish.