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We have teamed up with KRYPTEK to bring you this limited edition "RAID" Kryptek Camo Pattern Batting Glove!
Taking the feedback of many of today's top professional baseball and softball players, Spiderz has added our newest pro performance batting glove model to the family, the LITE!
Using an ultra thin polyester top hand design with a screened Spiderz logo on top, we keep this glove lightweight, breathable and super flexible. The LITE's thin, soft, and comfortable synthetic leather palm gives you an incredible feel of the bat. While the added thin layer of silicone spider web design along the palm deliver maximum grip for your Home Run swing. Our silicone spider web grip layer works well with leading bat manufacturers stock factory bat grips, aftermarket polymer bat grips, bat tape, and wood bat finishes too!  As a hitter, you are getting the very best of both worlds - a premium pro model batting glove with Feel and Grip! 
Our LITE model is the lightest, thinnest, most flexible batting glove we have made to date! By keeping both a thin top hand and thin bottom hand, they feel as if you're wearing nothing at all, but deliver the maximum grip you expect with a Spiderz product. 
The LITE model comfortably stretches to your hand and with our newly designed elastic wristband, flexible wrist strap, and 3 piece velcro locking system.....they fit like a glove. These will be the best fitting batting gloves you have ever worn! Play like a pro!
Spiderz Batting Gloves come with a player ID Tag where you can add your jersey number to feel like a pro (and keep others from stealing the best batting gloves on the market)! We also send the gloves in a resealable storage bag, to keep your gloves from drying up after a long bp session or tournament.